Italian MATerials Technologies Infrastructure

i-MATT will:
  • be a multi-site, scalable, distributed technological infrastructure enabled through a Central Hub located at CNR Bologna;
  • work effectively in close cooperation with relevant innovation actors and structures such as: market- leading companies, private research laboratories and facilities, world – top international private universities;
  • develop processes, create components, semi-finished products and finished prototypes, integrating state-of-the-art processes, analysis equipment and digital platforms.

Industrial and Technological Sectors

i-MATT will provide services to transversal industrial applications, to cope with the innovation demand that urges
from key sectors such as advanced mechanics, packaging, energy and health, providing solutions for:

i-MATT is consistent with the “Materials 2030 Manifesto  –  Systemic Approach of Advanced Materials for Prosperity” – presented on  7 February 2022” to Commissioner Mariya Gabriel 

Materials and processes for packaging, both flexible and rigid, to enable sustainable packaging solutions
Materials and processes for advanced mechanics
Materials and processes for energy storage
Testing of components and systems in real application environment for large scale hydrogen technologies
Materials, processes and protocols for health
Digital platforms for data management, processes and protocols digitalization