About i-MATT

i-MATT Project is developed in response to the notice of the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MUR) for granting funding for the implementation or upgrading of technological innovation infrastructures (Nr. 3265/28-12-2021).

i-MATT project has been approved  and admitted for financing by the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MUR)  Directorial Decree Nr. 148
22- 06- 2022

i-MATT will offer advanced tools, solutions and services for the academic, business and market sectors to increase their competitiveness, and will provide new high-tech components, instruments and related services to remove technological and market barriers, promoting innovation and generating knowledge.

“Materials, especially advanced materials, are the backbone and source of prosperity of an industrial society. In the context of the radical transformational changes of the 21st century, it is precisely these advanced materials that will play a decisive role.”

Systemic Approach of Advanced Materials for Prosperity – A 2030 Perspective

i - MATT vision

Stable, yet flexible –Engaging selected partners catalyses speed, effectiveness and scale. i-MATT will be stable at its core, allowing for new members to join and work effectively. 

“Think big” –A scalable distributed infrastructure enabled through a Central Hub.

A multi-sided ecosystem facilitated by local and trusted access points.

•Demand-driven services based on a careful and regularly updated market analysis.

•Long term sustainability–Growing through a green and digital transition driven approach and an evidence-based business planning.

A multi - site technological infrastructure:

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i-MATT will be located in Italian Regions, including Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia and Veneto, leveraging on the localization within public research sites and at industrial innovation sites to culturally and operationally connect the scientific and industrial worlds.

i-MATT is co-localized with the world-leading industrial districts of Packaging (Bologna, Imola, Modena, Parma), biomedical and health (Modena) and energy technologies (Milano and Verona).


A flexible management scheme and high-level skills implementation;


An added value to consumers and to the general public;

Needs identification

Better identification of needs and optimal use of resources.